Souris tournament

The 2019 Souris tournament.

  • Date:  April 19th and 20th 2019 (Fri and Sat)
  • Venue:  Souris School gym
  • All Singles: Starts at 6:30pm on Friday, Apr 19th.
  • Doubles: Starts at 9am sharp on Saturday, Apr 20th. (10min default rule will be in effect)
  • Mixed doubles:  2pm.  Mixed doubles will likely go after 7pm. Be prepared to stay after this time.
  • Entries may be limited to 16 competitors per event, so enter EARLY!
  • Cost”  $5.00 per player for one or two events, $10 for all three events.
  • Competitors are guaranteed three matches per event (minimum four entries in an event), Yonex Mavis 300 shuttles used (supplied)
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each event.
  • Dateline for entries:  Tues, Apr 16th 2019.

To enter into the Souris tournament, please contact Denny at (204)483-2682 or email him at

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