Hi everyone,
Badminton is starting on Jan 6, 2019 – Sunday.
We will play at the Henry Champ Gym (Brandon University HLC) on:
TUESDAYS 8:00pm – 10:30pm
SUNDAYS 5pm – 8:00pm
Please note the changed times… all players should exit building 15 minutes after play ends.

You can do this online at Online badminton registration
Or Go in person to HLC.
If you have paid to go in the HLC before you should have an HLC profile, and won’t have to fill in forms again πŸ™‚ (If they have your correct email you should have received a password update email from HLC)

MEMBERSHIP FEES for the first term are:

Community Member $71.43 + Tax
HLC Member $61.90 + Tax
Junior Member 14 years and younger $52.38
Punch card (8): $40


Drop ins- drop in is $8.50 (taxes included) for adults, under 14 is $8.10 no gst. Yellow wrist band to wear if drop in.

One last thing;
This year the supervision rule for younger players will be enforced. All players under 14 MUST have a supervising adult present in the gym for the whole evening. The adult does not have to play (if they do not play they can enter gym for free), one adult can supervise multiple children.