****We are hopeful for a return to badminton in September 2021. Have a great summer!****

IMPORTANT INFORMATION HERE!!! READ ALL!! And if you are sick or have any Covid symptoms- stay home!!!

Updated: November 2, 2020

It is MANDATORY before you play badminton to read and agree to all the COVID-19 rules, code of conduct, club rules and waiver. Please click here to thoroughly read and complete the form. You only need to do this once for the season.

Upcoming club dates and times for play (you must pre-register to secure your spot):

No upcoming dates until September 2021.

  • there is a capacity limit of 32 people, so you must pre-register and secure your spot ahead of time, YOU CANT JUST SHOW UP TO PLAY
  • you can sign up one week in advance up until club night starts; when the 32 spots are filled, you will be unable to sign up (remember, IF YOU HAVE NOT SECURED A SPOT ONLINE – YOU CANT COME)
  • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED, only players can attend club nights
  • masks are mandatory!!! you MUST wear a mask the moment you walk into the HLC and keep it on until you are on court; you do not need to wear a mask when playing but the moment you step off the court you MUST put your mask back on
  • you MUST sanitize your hands before your court time and as soon as you come off the court
  • you MUST maintain a 2 meter distance from anyone else when not on the court
  • if you cant make your session you signed up for, please cancel by calling the HLC front desk; if you do not cancel, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE FOLLOWING WEEK; this is to ensure we make use of the 32 spots
  • remember, you are playing at your own risk; you will need to agree to the new protocols put in place to help keep yourself and everyone else safe; this will be online
  • the drop in fee is $7; you can buy a punch card (that expires end of term) which is $40+tax and gets you 8 sessions; punch card for university students are $20
  • you get one birdie per court; please don’t touch the birdie dispenser, you only need to grab the cork of the birdie and pull down. There is only one birdie per warm up as well and when your game is over, bring your birdie back with you and place in the box to be sanitized.
  • there is no rack system for the time being; play with whomever you arrange games with and/or are comfortable playing with; it continues to remain doubles only at club and singles are played at the discretion of a board member
To pre-register for the upcoming session, please click here

Just a friendly reminder that there is no further emails sent out from the Club in regards to information and updates. Updated and info can be found on this website and our Facebook page: Brandon Badminton Club (We highly suggest following us on Facebook for the most up to date information!!). You can also contact us directly for more information.

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